Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pismo Beach-Unexpected Jewel

Have you ever heard how great something is, and just when your anticipation rises to a crescendo, it is dashed when you're faced with the real thing? I had heard a multitude of comments on how beautiful, wonderful and spectacular Pismo Beach is, so I decided this time I would allow myself a little skepticism to protect myself.

On a clear, blue-sky, windy day in January, I decided to take a spin down Hwy 101 to pass the time while my husband was taking a workshop nearby. As I came around a long curve, an amazing vista opened before me with a wide-open view of the ocean and and the long arching bay beyond. From the road it was easy to see the long pier extending out into the wind whipped, frothy ocean, so getting there proved simple. Stunned by the perfect view of the ocean, I ventured out of my car, despite the ache in my recently sprained ankle. It is then I realized I had never been on such a pier that breakers were crashing beneath the boardwalk. The roar and vibration of the boards beneath my feet was almost as exciting as a ride at Disneyland. Returning there with my husband a few days later to show off my new best beach, we discovered the Splash Cafe with the creamiest clam chowder and crispy fish and chips. Mmmm, good! We also had the pleasure of meeting a very determined pelican sitting on a railing, waiting for a handout from a fisherman. I had to take a photo!

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