Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Experience

I have been thinking about blogging ever since I began reading my cousin's blogs and wondered if I'd ever have enough to write about. One of the highlights of this past week was seeing nine white pelicans (I never knew they even existed until this year) at our local reservoir, while kayaking with my husband. I love quietly drawing closer to one or more in my tangerine colored kayak, paddling softly, hoping not to cause them to fly away, although watching them in flight is exhilirating. After pursuing them across the southwestern corner of the span of water and sadly watching them disappear around a bend in the shore, I noticed a little black coot approaching my boat, making that loud "kuk" sound that reminds me of a cross between a bark and a cough. It was the friendliest bird of the day and I suspect it was looking for a hand-out. With no results from me, it headed toward my husband's boat, imploring loudly and insistently. With no success, it made its way back to me and continued the dance until giving up and wandering away, disappearing in the reeds.

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Colinsgrandma said...

Love your new blog! Great writing ... makes me want to try kayaking this summer.
I will add you to my RSS Feed and read your blog as soon as you post.
Welcome to Blogger ...