Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New York, New York... Second Bite

It was still dark outside as I awoke to sounds of garbage trucks humming their tunes and other rather loud noises wafting their way up to our second story window. As my brain began to thaw from the night's sleep, I suddenly remembered that I was in New York City, not my ranch style home in California. My mind wandered to the first thing on our list of things to do which was to walk half a block to Central Park and wind our way toward downtown Manhattan.
After hearing many tales of how scary Central Park can be with muggers around every curve, I was pleasantly surprised to see mothers pushing their babies in strollers and the elderly out for a leisurely walk, along with joggers of all ages. It was a peaceful, quiet place and after more study, later discovered that much care had been taken in the last decade to restore Central Park to it's earlier purpose of a haven for the weary city dweller, a place of respite. With our travel guide in hand, we found several spots of interest in the park, including Bethesda Terrace and fountain with the benevolent angel casting her shadow on the plaza, Belvedere Castle protecting the pond below and Strawberry Fields with "Imagine," the memorial to John Lennon and someone standing nearby looking like a John Lennon imposter, just hoping we might think John Lennon is still alive. Along the way were picturesque sidewalks with an occasional arbor that begged us to walk through it. I had fallen in love with New York on our first venture out.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, Central Park sounds like the most enchanting of places. Am so pleased to hear that it is finally being kept of well, and hope soon to visit there myself. When I arrive there I shall first of all feed the birds! Toodeloo!