Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Today Show, Katie Couric & Sting

Those of you who know me probably don't know that around the time we went to New York City I liked to wake up to "The Today Show," which filled me in on a little news of the world, with interesting stories about people who inspired me, and airing great ideas of how to stay healthy. It's also sprinkled with humor, which is always a good thing and I even find out who some of the new centenarians in our great country are from Willard Scott. Although Katie Couric is now with another network, in 2003 I enjoyed listening to Katie and her view of the world and encouraged about how she has handled the loss of both her husband and sister to cancer. Out of her own personal tragedy she has been proactive in spreading the word about diagnostic testing in honor of her husband. (for more information, please see So when we traveled to New York City in 2003, I searched the internet for the schedule of the Today Show for the week we would be there and found out that the entertainer of the week would be Sting and it was free! Aha, this is how I would get my husband to wake up at the crack of dawn to head toward Rockefeller Center to join the live audience outside the NBC studio. Well it worked, since my husband likes some of Sting's music, so we donned our umbrellas and coats and got as close as we could. We could only see Sting when we stood on tiptoes as we heard him sing "Desert Rose," but then again it was a free concert. Katie Couric came outside to greet the crowd and I stood quietly watching her report on some subject with microphone in hand, while a very loud woman next to me kept yelling, "Katie, Katie, look over here," and I was thinking, I hope she doesn't look our way and think I'm the one yelling at her! In the mean time my husband found a group of people all dressed alike with peace signs, who we found out were headed for a meeting at the United Nations and tried to talk us into joining them, which we politely declined, but we did have our photo taken with them. As the sets were being disassembled, we peered into one of the studio windows and saw Clint Eastwood being interviewed, but couldn't hear a word through the thick plate glass. Oh, well, the day had just begun and there's was so much more to see in New York!
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Carol said...

What a lovely blog. Really like the colors and layout.

DaisyMom51 said...

Thank-you! I just noticed your comment as I'm thinking of writing again. Thanks for the encouragement! ~Ronda