Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Got Mail?"

One morning before leaving our brownstone, I googled the movie "You've Got Mail," on our laptop and found a map of some of the places that were featured in the film. Thus, one of our destinations for the day was Cafe Lalo, where the character Kathleen Kelly, played by Meg Ryan, impatiently awaited her mystery email friend, whose online name was "NY152" and to her dismay, her rival in the bookstore business, better known as Joe Fox played by Tom Hanks showed up and plopped himself down in the chair opposite her. As we walked closer to the front of the cafe, there was that famous wrought iron fence that Tom Hanks gave a shake as he recited his lines and a poster in the front window of the scene when Kathleen and Joe sat across from one another at a table for two. Most of the people in the line, which spilled down the stairs and onto the sidewalk were women, and my husband humored me as we joined the line for brunch. The inside of the cafe was decorated in warm inviting wood tones and the glass case displayed mouthwatering pastries that called my name, but I settled on a salad. I began snapping photos with my new camera and I'm sure totally annoyed the group sitting at the next table, as I tried to get a good shot of the wall behind them. From Cafe Lalo, we walked back out to the streets of the Upper West Side and found our way to the 91st Street Garden and found the location of the last scene of the movie, when Kathleen finally finds out who her email buddy truly is. If you haven't seen this movie and love romantic comedies with Meg Ryan, I highly recommend this one!

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